Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Cat thinks He's in Charge (And he's sort-of right)

Marius goes wherever he wants and does whatever he wants. He demands at least two flavors of food at all times. If we run out of one he pouts. Really bad. He demands to to go out and then screams at the back door until you let him back in. This can happen several times in a row. He leave hair all over my bed, under my bed and on the couch. He walks right across my quilt projects and knock things over with his ginormous tail. Most of the time he pisses me off. 

At least he's cute. 

You can't love on him without turning into a giant hair-ball. 

He knocks this wreath and stand over repeatedly. 

He jumps up on Paul no matter where he is or what he's doing.

Then he stretches and lounges and acts like he should be totally flattered that he chose him. 

Paul better not even think about moving him. He'll come back.

It's best to just let him win.

This is what he did when Paul was trying to write his talk. (We were asked to speak in church last Sunday) He just plopped his big, fat, hairy, butt right across his arms. 

A big cat sitting on your wrists tends to limit mobility. 

Act annoyed all you want honey. I know that you love that he chooses you. You two are very cute together. 


rlg said...

You make me laugh. Marius is very cute. You guys are lucky to have such a beautiful fluffy cat. I know you love him. I know I would!

Wingnut said...

I'm sorry, he may piss you off but when you write about him like this, he makes the rest of smile like crazy!