Monday, February 28, 2011

Now THAT'S a Milestone (Thanks Rees for the title)

One day she will seek revenge, but for now it's game on. 

Emma got her braces today. She will have them on for approximately two and a half years. This is the last time we will ever see this mouth.

And that is a good thing. She had several pretty serious problems going on but hopefully we can get everything straightened out. (Pun intended)

Once she was settled in I left to run some errands. When I got back to the office this is what I found. 

I'm so mean!!! (I asked if I was allowed to take pictures and the doctor said "Allowed? You're required!" I loved that response!  

She played games on her Ipod the whole time. 

She got neon pink and green rubber-bands. I think she looks adorable but I still can't believe that she is old enough for braces.

Tonight she was hungry and her mouth was very sore. I was making her potato soup (she requested it because it would be soft and easy to eat) but it wasn't ready yet. She wouldn't take Advil because she was afraid it would get stuck in her palate expander. She couldn't eat because she was in so much pain. She was having an emotional breakdown. 

You almost want to feel sorry for her don't you? What you don't know is that she had just slugged her brother and screamed at us. I told her she didn't have the right to hurt us just because she was in pain, especially when she could do something to help it. Finally she gagged down an Advil, got some soup in her and was back to her happy, sweet self. Thank goodness.

I have a new recipe to blog and two basketball games but I don't think I am going to get to them tonight. I'm off to watch the Bachelor LOL!


rlg said...

Poor Baby! She looks so sad, makes me want to cry. I'm glad she took the Advil and the soup finally got done. She looks adorable in the braces, a real little beauty.

Emily said...

She has a palate expander? I had one too! Actually I had one on three different occasions. They're pretty terrible. So I know just what she is going through. Whenever my friends would complain about getting their braces tightened (and only a tightening), I would just chuckle to myself because they didn't have the contraption in their mouth that is pushing the inside of their skull apart. Pretty sure mine didn't work (any of the three times), so hopefully hers has better success!