Saturday, February 12, 2011

Buttload of Deer

I recently put this as my facebook status.

It's a zoo around here! In the last two weeks I've seen a bald eagle, a black and white woodpecker (really cool looking), ferret, bunnies, butt loads of deer, quail (tons!) and about a bazillion different types of little birds all running/flying amok. I feel like I need to start charging admission to visitors.
I was asked by my uncle "exactly how many deer in a buttload" 
I responded "several per sighting X multiple sightings = a buttload"
Since then we have had a trio of visitors in the field on most evenings. Notice how hideously dead and bleak everything looks? It's like I'm caught in a brown movie. It am so ready for my life to be in color again. (It's sad that I have to open my dishwasher just to get excited by the pretty colors of Fiestaware.) 

"You looking at me?"

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