Saturday, February 12, 2011


There is a party store right next to where I got my running shoes. It has the most amazing selection of napkins, decorations, paper goods and anything else you can imagine for every holiday or theme you can think of. I had in my hot little hands 10-15 dollars worth of cute superbowl goodies. Then I put them back. Almost everything would have gone in the garbage right after the game anyway. It would have been for the photos only. We are trying to save money so I put on my brave face and walked out empty handed.  When I look at this picture though I wish I had spent the money LOL! 

We had plenty of food for the game. We had tons of chips and dips, frozen pizza, soda, spinach dip, veggies and a giant tub of cheese balls. Paul, Emma and I were all rooting for Green Bay. Partially because Aaron Rodgers is from my hometown and partially because we didn't want the Steelers to win another superbowl. (Then they would have more wins than Dallas or something? Who knows?) Andrew wanted the Steelers. 

It ended up being a good game and we had fun watching it and the commercials.  

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linda said...

We were also cheering for Green Bay.