Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Camp

Last Friday night Emma got to go to her first winter camp. Our church owns a large area up in the canyon called Mutual Dell. They have a big two level lodge. Our group got the bottom level. It has one large main room and the girls got to all hang out there together. They had dinner, went sledding, had a program, played games, stayed up almost all night and then ate breakfast and went home.  Paul was asked to go as a priesthood holder along with his friend Bryan. 

Here is a group of Emma's friends.

I'm not sure what was going on here. 

Poor Paul and Bryan had to sleep in the bathroom. They felt it was best to be in a separate area from the girls. Once major problem (besides the obvious) the bathroom lights are on a sensor. Each time someone got up or moved the lights and fans went on. They got next to no sleep. Poor guys. 

Emma and Kayla playing and sledding in the snow. 

Emma had a wonderful time. Paul was glad he could be there for her but he doesn't ever want to go again LOL! I can't blame him. I only went to camp once and that was one too many times. I'm glad that Emma has fun though. 

The next day they were both hungry and exhausted. They both slept for hours. 

While they were gone Andrew played with his friend Noah. I picked him up around 7:00pm. We went to Purple Turtle and got fries and a milk shake. We headed home and watched Despicable Me in my bed. After the movie was over we watched a little more TV and then fell asleep. It was fun having a little one on one time with my boy but we were both anxious for Paul and Emma to come back home. 

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rlg said...

Emma is such a beautiful girl. Just love looking at her. Looks like she had a great time and what a lucky girl to have such a supportive dad. Sorry, Paul didn't have a better time.