Monday, February 28, 2011

Did you know that I loved trains?

I do.

Growing up it seemed like we always lived semi-close to train tracks. You could often hear the trains in the distance and for whatever reason I grew to love the sound. When the kids and I went back to Chico, Ca. several years ago my mom and I took them to the tracks and let them lay down coins to smoosh on the tracks. We had a great time. For some reason this is the only picture I have from that day. We had just gotten out of grandma and grandpas pool. I would love to go and do this again.

Anyway we have these tracks that run right along a major street in my town. I can hear the train every once in a while but hardly ever see it. I've lived here almost eight years and probably have only seen a train half dozen times. Most the time they aren't even running.

The other day I was coming out of the grocery store and there it was! I was so excited. It was rolling slowly down the tracks. I hurried out of the lot, got my camera out and took these pictures. Most were taken while I was sitting at a light but I'll be honest, at least one was taken while I was driving. Naughty! But I was so excited.

I know that this post probably seems so random but for me this was a momentous occasion.

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Debbie said...

Great pictures Mignonne! I love your mountains!