Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still on Schedule

Barf sick is the worst kind of sick.

Andrew came home from school Monday and about an hour later started launching. I am so glad my kids are to the age where they can make it to the toilet. It's a blessing. Truly. Anyway I have had a couple of days at home where I could get a few more things done than usual.
Here are my next two blocks in the pinwheel sampler. The centers aren't good but I like the colors a lot more in these blocks.
I am trying to make three of these each day. I am getting a nice little collection going. I think they are just the cutest things. Since I am so fascinated with making these I am neglecting my Christmas quilt. It seems like each time I say "I want this done by this date" I set myself up for failure. There is no way I am going to have that top done this week. Nope, not going to happen. Such is life.

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reayfamily said...

You aint a kidding!!! BARF sick is the worst. I'm glad I had it and not my kids (check out the blog to find out why). So sorry I can truly empathize with anyone who got this was nasty!!!