Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unconventional turns Conventional~Sort-of

Friday night we got a call from Paul's parents. They said they were watching the twins and wanted to know if we would like to throw Emma and Andrew into the mix so we could have a date night. Umm, YES!

I was all for it and pretty dang excited. Paul on the other hand was worried about missing the BYU basketball game. Because I am awesome, loving and giving I told him we could have an unconventional date. We could get take-out and come home to watch the game. It wasn't the most exciting plan for me but like I said, I'm awesome, loving and giving LOL! (yes I am kidding) It made him very happy and that was my goal.

We were NOT on the same page food-wise. Nothing he wanted sound good and visa-versa. We formulated a plan that would make us both happy and we would avoid televisions so the game wouldn't get spoiled.

Our plan was to get dessert to go from Zupa's first. That went off without a hitch.
Score! Turtle cheesecake and some chunky brownie caramel thing.
Then we were going to go to Paradise Bakery to get Paul a Thai wrap, to go. We wait in line for our turn and tell them what he wants and they are sold out. Oh no! Still to this moment he is sad and craving a wrap, I'm not even kidding. So we left very disheartened, but not before helping ourselves to their chippers.
If we had been able to stick to our plan our next stop would have been to Los Hermano's for an order of chips and salsa. I had an itch and it needed to be scratched. I wanted to munch on chips all throughout the game. After we got chips and salsa we were going to drive through Taco Amigo and get me some of their crack fries and a tostada.

Since our plan was totally derailed we had to improvise. Rubio's was right across the parking lot, it would cure my chip craving and we could "dine in" without seeing a TV making our date night a bit more conventional and well, date like.

Rubio's it was.
Yum Yum! (The thatching in this picture and the colors makes me think of Cheeseburger's in Paradise in Lahaina. I miss Hawaii.)
Yes I ate the whole burrito.
After he took this I took a ton of pictures of him.
He could hardly eat because he was laughing so hard. The poor people behind him thought the paparazzi were in town.
After we gorged ourselves on "Mexican" food we went home and watch BYU lose the basketball game. SAD! It was still fun for us to spend time together and watch the game uninterrupted though.


Katie said...

My husband and I have several times stopped at multiple restaurants to get the right fries/tacos/drinks, etc to make everyone happy. I like your style!! :)

Wingnut said...

On more than one occasion, as a familiy we couldn't agree on WHAT to get for a carry-out dinner. And I've done something similar in that I go to multiple places to suit the needs of all involved. It drives my husband batty. Being that I'm one of the pickiest out of the 4 of us, I don't see what the big deal is :)