Thursday, March 25, 2010

Costco Comes Through Again

I think any mom out there will agree, some nights making a home-cooked meal is not on the top of your things to do list. It may be because you have been busy driving all over creation for your precious offspring (like today) or it might be because you just don't feel like it (like today). Either way when everyone gets home, everyone is hungry, and everyone still has to eat something, right?

Most nights I still "cook" something but once a week or so it's Costco to the rescue!

They have all these fabulous pre-made meals that make you look like you tried, or at least cared, a little. This week we "made" this. It comes with two packages that say they serve four. If you have big eaters it might not. I made a red-potato salad during the afternoon to serve with it and chopped up some fresh fruit while it was warming. It was a delicious meal. We both really really liked it. The kids wouldn't even come near it. Their loss.

It couldn't have been easier. I opened the plastic pouch, slopped in it a baking dish, covered that sucker and stuck it in the oven for 15 minutes. I really loved how the package warned me that the contents and the baking dish will be hot when I removed it from the 350 degree oven. No kidding?

Anyway, I can't remember what it cost but it was probably between $10- $15 dollars and it will feed Paul and me four times. Not bad. I will definitely buy it again. The kids? They can nuke a hot dog. Picky little buggers.

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