Sunday, March 14, 2010

BYU Ballroom Dance Competition

Yesterday Emma competed at BYU in the Marriott center. This was a huge competition and an excellent experience for the kids who dance Elementary Ballroom.

This time Emma's team was silver. Here is her coach Bryony putting on her flower.
This is Tyson, the partner Emma was assigned. He is not a fan of dancing but together they have done really well.
The kids had to get there early to change into their costumes. I got to sit and wait for almost an hour until Paul, Andrew and my parent's got there. It was fun seeing some of the other dancers compete during that time.
Here they are parading in.
Merengue was first.
She did really well. We have watched her improve quite a lot since the first competition.Here are the level 1 and level 2 teams after competition. Emma and her team got silver and the level 2 team got bronze.
She was a little disappointed that they didn't get a gold but we told her to get over it. Silver was great!
My parents have come to each competition.
Because they love her!
It was a cold, windy, snowy, wet day but I got a picture with Emma before heading into Mama Chu's. Can you tell we are getting wet?
Andrew was so good through all three competitions. Yesterday he was so proud of her. He really loves and admires his big sister.
Just a couple more pictures of Emma and her medal.
We are very proud of all the kids and the work they put into ballroom this year. It has been a big commitment but they have done great!
Way to go guys!

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rlg said...

Way to go Emma! We are proud of you & so thankful we were able to see you dance. You really did a great job. It was fun being there with your mom,dad & Andrew. Adorable pictures Mignonne.Your pictures are better than the professionals.