Sunday, March 28, 2010

To Provo we Will Go

I am on a quest to find good Mexican food in Utah. I saw an ad for this and thought it looked good. I like my tacos and all but they aren't really my thing. I prefer a plate of enchiladas with rice and beans. Yes I know it says Taco Grill but I thought they might have some other stuff. They didn't have enchiladas so Paul and I got tacos de carne asada. He said they were like the ones you would get on the streets while he was on his mission. We all enjoyed it but it isn't going to satisfy my carvings. I didn't like the beans at all.
After that we headed to Fat Cats for some bowling.

I started out fine but then started really sucking it up. Emma thought her MyMeeba would be a good luck charm. It helped.
So then she wanted it back.
And it helped.

Our family has mad bowling skills. Check out those scores! I want it known that I was the only one in the whole family to get a strike.
Bad News for my Butt

The Creamery is back in all it's glory!!!!!
This used to be our favorite place to go as a family. See this menu board? There was a time when there were only a few flavors on there. It had been years since we were able to go and enjoy their ice cream. Years! I was so happy to see Sparkle and Peanut Butter Trails that I almost wept tears of joy.
Where else can you get your whole family ice cream for about eight bucks? Emma got Cherry Cordial flavored ice cream.
Paul got a fried Oreo sundae. Yes that is a real deep fat fried Oreo. Heaven help us.

We also got garlic and natural fries. Yum, yum double yum.
Andrew got Egg Nog flavored ice cream. I got the Peanut Butter Trails and made Paul promise to bring me some Sparkle home on Tuesday.
Yesterday was the Festival of Colors. In India Holi announces the coming of spring and the passing of winter. That's a festival I can get behind. I really wanted to take the kids and go but Paul was not interested. He kept saying "I'm not letting you in the car like that." Bah Humbug.

Everywhere we went yesterday we saw kids that looked like this.

Everyone was covered in colored chalk. It was quite awesome. We can't wait for next year.

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Angela said...

We went to the Creamery on Saturday too but it was for lunch. I got the PB trails which was good but needed more PB. Megan got sparkle and didn't like it so I tried it and was not a fan. We also saw lots of pastel colored people there.