Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday Traditions

The kids and I have started watching the Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights while Paul is at school. It's a special treat for them because they get to watch it with me in my bed. They love snuggling in my bed.

This is the first season to watch the program. I really like most the players left but I think the cousins, Sam and Koli, are my favorites.
Last night the kids got to pig out while watching a diet show LOL!
They had been playing outside in the "forrest", on the trampoline, and just running around enjoying the warm spring weather. They got stinky!!! I made sure they were showered and then let them eat on the floor until their cookies were gone.

Then it was snuggle time. I hope the kids look back on these simple things as fondly as I do. I love my babies.

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