Sunday, March 14, 2010

Relief Society Retreat

Our ward had a retreat this past Friday night up at Mutual Dell. A group of us went up together for dinner and a program. We had the option to spend the night but I didn't want to sleep on the floor and we had the ballroom competition the next day. I am glad that I went and got to spend some time with my friends. Parts of me wishes I had stayed.

Here is Angela handing out rewards for the get to know you game we played when we arrived.
Michelle getting ready to show us a movie that they had made of some of the sisters. It turned out really well! I really enjoyed watching everyone.
This is Kate. She is my visiting teacher/friend/backyard neighbor/person I borrow stuff from. Jill my amazing friend. After I took this I said "Uh oh, Kate your eyes were closed"
So we tried again and I wasn't sure eyes were open.
So they did this for me! LOL! I love them.
Here is our Stake President who spoke to us that night.
After the program is was dessert time. How cute are Maria and Rees?!? They are forever making me smile and laugh.
We got one group shot before we headed home. Here is Angela, Maggie, Maria, Kari, Me, Rees and Julia.
I would love to have a shot of everyone that night. I don't think the women of my ward know how much they mean to me. I feel so blessed to have them in my life and to call them friends. We have the best group of ladies ever!


reayfamily said...

I couldn't agree more! I have felt so blessed since I moved in this ward and have met all you wonderful ladies! It was a great night! Hopefully we can do the sleepover thing sometime...I really think it could be dangerously fun :D

Angela said...

The sleeping on a concrete floor wasn't so great but Rees' morningside program was GREAT!