Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Case of the Blahs

Lately, this whole month, I have been feeling rather blah. I have been reading a lot but the house is pretty much a pit (Okay it isn't that bad but piles are growing), I haven't felt like blogging or doing much that is blog worthy, scrapping or quilting. I am way behind on all of those things. I've just been
Our poor neighborhood has been hit hard this year with illness. We are fortunate that we have gotten off as easily as we have. Some other families have had a much worse time than we have. Bad Germs!
The month started with Andrew getting really nasty vomit sick. (Don't Google vomit sick, I'm warning you!)
Poor little guy. I felt really sorry for him. That illness came on right at the time of month where I have the most energy and I feel the best. Instead of being uber productive I was being a caregiver, and that's okay, but I didn't get much done.

In the middle of the next week I get a knock on my door at 11:30 am. It was the Relief Society presidency. Imagine my embarrassment when I had to explain to them that they had gotten me out of bed. I felt really tired so I was going to just relax for a minute and I totally fell asleep. I should have known I was catching something.

A few days later I had an incredibly
really itchy eyes and no energy. I took my vitamins like crazy keeping the symptoms from getting too much worse but I felt a little poopy for almost a week.

It didn't take long for Andrew to catch it. He morphed it into a hacking, phlegmy, cough on top of the sore throat. Fun!

He missed school on Monday and half day on Friday because the cough sounded so bad. When he stays home not much gets done. I should be feeling that surge of energy again but so far nothing! Yesterday I was just going to crawl into bed and waste the day away but Paul got me out of the house and then I was able to do some of the things that I needed to do. I actually made a potato salad for dinner, but honestly, I almost talked myself out of it. LOL!

As I've said, I have no motivation or energy to do much of anything. I am doing the basics, I get done what has to get done, but that's it. I feel like I have been faking my way through my life. Does that make any sense?

I am so ready for us to all feel 100% and to be back to our normal, energetic, happy selfs.


Debbie said...

I hear you. As we speak I have been home for three days with a bad cold; last week my husband had it. Both kids and their spouses had it. We are all ready for Spring and feeling better. Keep you chin up, it will come!

Wingnut said...

Awesome post! Not that you are feeling so blah nor that you're son has been sick, but that you were so creative in how you presented your story :) I hope the blahs will soon be a distant memory for you! I'm having a similar month. The only difference is that *I* haven't been sick. I'm tempting fate by saying it, but I've managed to not catch anything from anyone this winter. It's weird. I'm almost sure that it's all a setup for a COLD OF THE CENTURY scenario to commence next Friday when I have taken off 4 days from work around the Easter holiday.

Sunshine and Shadows said...

Your baby is so darling.