Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are Our Expectations too High?

For Valentine's Day Paul ordered me the bouquet of roses that are pictured above. They are like the ones I got on our six month anniversary. Sentimental and sweet right?!?

This is what was delivered. They were pretty but in pretty bad shape.
The tips were all crushed and they felt very dry. I trimmed them, fed them and changed their water but within no time the heads were drooping and they we toast.
The little red rose we got Emma from the grocery store looked gorgeous for two full weeks!

He sent the company an email just to let them know that the flowers were not up to our satisfaction. They almost immediately sent him an apology, told him to pick a new bouquet and gave him $20 off his next purchase. Sweet!!!

This is what I picked.
This is what I got LOL!
Not exactly them same thing now is it? If I had actually paid the ticket price ($70) and this showed up I would be pretty disappointed.

I have to admit that even though the flowers are quite diminutive I am really enjoying them. I think fresh flowers should be a staple in my home ;)

From now on I am going to encourage Paul to get the less expensive flowers from somewhere local, like Costco LOL!

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