Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some more Random Pictures

These are pictures that may have been used a the photo of the day but aren't really worth their own post.  

My aloe is making babies! It just turned five years old (I got it for my birthday otherwise I wouldn't remember) and it's still doing great. I recently moved my plants closer to the window in the dinning area and they have been so happy ever since. They immediately got blossoms and new leaves. It's fun to watch my shamrocks reach for the sun. 

Paul unexpectedly got Good Friday off a week ago. After I was done with Andrew's rendezvous we went to Zupa's for lunch. It was delicious. I didn't think I was going to be able to eat everything but I pushed through and cleared my plate and bowl.

Thai Drift is our favorite Thai restaurant. They have great lunch specials that we usually get once a week. For $5.99 you get an appetizer and an entree. It is the perfect size and each thing we've tried has been totally delicious. I will either meet Paul there or he will pick it up and bring it home. He came home one day just oh so sad. I thought something was really wrong. Nope. He told me that we wouldn't be able to get Thai for weeks. If we wanted it one more time we needed to go on Monday. Normally Wednesday's is our favorite day because you have a choice between pumpkin curry and pad king. The appetizer is chicken satay, our favorite. I get the curry and Paul gets the other dish. We went on Monday and loved the food that day too. With Thai Drift you can't go wrong. I can't wait for them to open again so we can see the new menu. Yum! 

I know this is over exposed but I still love the blue color so I'm posting it. 

On April 27th Paul and I both got a surprise. Flowers were delivered for our 15th anniversary. They arrived a little early. Paul thought they would be delivered on Sat. the 30th and I had no idea I anything was coming. It's been fun having flowers in the house.

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rlg said...

Love your beautiful pictures and your cleverly written dialogue. Talent young lady you are.