Sunday, May 29, 2011

Andrew's Fourth Grade Program

Andrew has been learning about Utah history in school. They were suppose to have their fourth grade program that included songs, plays and square dancing around the same time as the Rendezvous but because of end of year testing it was re-scheduled until mid-May.

All the fourth grade classes sang songs about pioneers and Utah's history together then the individual classes had little plays or a dance that they had worked on. Andrew had the lead in his class's play. He portrayed Dreadful Dan a villain that was going to steal the Golden Spike.

(He was a total ham) 

When he first got the script we were worried that he would have trouble learning all of his lines but he practiced hard and did a great job! He was animated and spoke nice and loud. We were so proud of him.

At one point in the play he screamed and then jumped in the sheriff's arms. Since I wasn't able to get pictures during the play I had them re-create that scene after the play. Too cute! 

He really was awesome. 

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