Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If you hate feet, back away now!

Andrew must have been kissing some toads. He had three warts on the bottom of his right foot. They were causing him a lot of discomfort so he asked me to make an appointment to get them removed.

(I guess it's too late isn't it?)

Emma had one last year. She was dancing ballroom at the time so I had her wait until the dance season was over. We took her to the doctor, they numbed it, froze it and off we went. A month or two later it was gone. No pain. No fuss. Easy breezy! I wished we hadn't waited so long.

He was so scared waiting for the doctor to come in.

With Andrew it was a different ball game. They took a look at his foot, numbed it and the next thing I know they are burning them. You could see the smoke and smell the stench. I glanced over just in time to see the doctor plop a big chunk of his foot on the tray. Whoa! I started to feel very light headed. I almost went down. I stopped looking obviously but it was too late. I stayed strong while they finished up but I had to get a chair and sit while the nausea passed. I have only felt close to passing out a couple of times and it is never fun.

I asked the doctor why he didn't freeze them and he said it was because of location and depth. I wish I had had some warning. I would have waited until school was out. Andrew had three large holes in the bottom of his foot. They packed it with gauze, wrapped it up and sent us on our way.

He wanted the pink but asked for green to take home.

There was no way that kid was getting a shoe on his foot. I didn't know how he was going to get around school. It was the end of the year testing so he couldn't skip. What the heck? We borrowed crutches.

He loved the attention but quickly realized those things hurt your armpits pretty bad. He used them for a couple of days and then said he had had enough. We are over a week out from his minor "surgery" and he is doing great. His foot isn't bugging him at all. I just hope he doesn't get anymore. Yuck!

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Rees said...

Did Jeff Abrams at Alpine Pediatrics do the BURNING? Micalyn had a wart frozen off years ago. Then I had to take Parker in to get one taken off. Before I knew it, we were in a back "surgery-type" room and Parker was experiencing the BURN. I can see why you got nauseated. It was FREAKY! At one point, Parker said, "It smells good in here :-)". Kevin and I looked at each other like, "What the???". I think the only bad part for Parker were the numbing shots :-( Those about killed him. The burning part didn't bother him at all. Strange. When the numbing wore off, though, he felt the pain of the CRATER HOLE that was left where the wart used to be. Thank heavens for tylenol :-) One thing's for sure. That wart will NEVER GROW BACK. It was annihilated!!!! Glad Andrew made it through the ordeal :-) Loved the pink foot wrap! Only a REAL MANA can pull off pink! ;-)