Sunday, May 1, 2011

Service Project

Wednesday night all the youth in our area (the stake) were split into two large groups. There were two parks that needed some painting done on bridges and benches. Emma and her group were asked to dress in clothes that were appropriate to paint in. Off she went in her grubbies to one of the parks. A while later she was dropped at home. When I opened the door this is what I found.

I should have expected it but it was still a little shocking. 

You could hear the paint squish in her shoes with each step.

There was a ton in her hair. After her shower it took at least 20-25 minutes to comb it all out.

I got three grocery bags. One for the nasty shoes and one for each foot. This is how she had to walk to get to the bathroom LOL! 

She had a great time and assures me that some of the paint went on the bridges and benches. ; )

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rlg said...

I was going to ask if any of the bridges or benches got any paint on them. She is such a cutie.