Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm Getting Old!

On Monday I turned 36. That means I'm over the hump and getting close to 40. How did that happen? I still feel young...

The morning started with a surprise delivery. Paul had an edible arrangement sent to me. It's so cute! 

I took this creepy picture to show him how much I was enjoying it. 

My parents came down and took me to lunch. I was really considering going to sushi but right now the thought just isn't appealing. We went to Lehi and had La Fuente instead. I ordered a chicken chimi. It was good and I'm always in the mood for Mexican. 

I even got fried ice cream for dessert. Yum! 

After lunch we went to pick up my cake. I have been obsessed with this hamburger cake for years. Finally I decided I wanted one so I ordered it this year. I can't get over how cute it is. 

I also got myself some balloons. No birthday is complete without balloons. The kids got home early on Monday so we sat around visiting until Paul  came home from work. After he got home we went to dinner at Zupa's. It's always delicious! 

Me and my mom at dinner. 

My "pink" (they look more orange, salmon at best) cloud daffodils opened just in time to wish me a happy birthday. 

I had been to the dollar store and found a bunch of totally tacky, totally rad pink flamingo stuff so I bought that for my birthday too. Nothing says classy like a plastic tablecloth with pink flamingos on it. 

I got four sets of fiesta dinnerware from my parents. Two plum and two paprika. I love them both and surprisingly they look really cool together. 

I also got money from Paul for our trip, one of my primary girls wrote me a sweet card and gave me caramel corn, my grandparents sent me a card with some moolah and my friend Maggie took me to lunch the next day and got me some pretty jewelry from Macy's. I certainly felt the love from my family and friends. 


Addison, Crew, and Carter's Mama said...

Happy Birthday!!! The food looks amazing! I have always wanted the cute edible arrangment!

Hollie said...

Happy Birthday! You got 2 days on me!

rlg said...

You're not even close to being old. How I wish I were as young and as beautiful as you. Wishing you many many more happy and healthy Birthdays. You are loved!

The Wright's said...

You celebrate like I do - Fiesta Ware and food! :) Happy Birthday friend!

Qwendykay said...

Happy Birthday! I love the cake!