Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just a few more random pictures

I'm driving home last week and I see this deer just sitting in the lawn of this house that has been on the market for over a year. I've seen a lot of deer around here but never one all on it's own, sitting in a yard like a dog. It was so weird. I pulled over to try and take a picture but of course that startled it away. It looked so nappy I wondered if it was injured or ill. I hope it's okay. 

I can feel the end of the year coming at me like a freight train. Last week we had Emma's choir concert and her FCCLA awards assembly. I can't believe we are already in the midst of all the end of the year activities. Where did the year go? I really appreciated the concert, it only went 30 minutes! Why can't they all be that brief?

What kind of parent lets their kids play on the roof of their house? Apparently Paul. I went out and found all three of them up on the roof. It was enough to give me a panic attack. 

It's time to get the swamp cooler up and running again. While he was up there working on it the kids went up too. Yikes!!!

At least Andrew had enough sense to be scared and cautious. Emma, not so much. 

My friend had a birthday recently. When I asked her what she wanted she said a vacation. Well that wasn't in my budget so I had to be creative. I filled a sand pale with lei's, Hawaii coconut lotion, flip-flops, a tropical candle, coconut M&M's and umbrellas straws. I thought it was pretty cute and she seemed to really like it. 

Emma and I colored our hair this past January. I used a red color that she wanted but I didn't think it would be good with her light skin. Ever since then she has been bugging me to let her color hers red. She had some allowance coming and that is how she wanted to spend her money. We found a color that we thought would work for her and colored her hair Saturday night. We had some leftover dye so I put it on Andrew. He loved it! It's not permanent color but it will be fun while it lasts.  

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