Sunday, May 1, 2011


My friend Maggie is in charge of the eleven year old Activity Days group. She wanted to get all of the different groups of girls ( ages 8-11) to go see Annie at the Scera. You need 20 people to get a discounted rate and not all of the groups were interested. She asked me if Emma and I wanted to go to get the numbers up. I said yes!!! We ended up with a big group. It was so much fun. 

Growing up this was one of my favorite movies. Maggie loved it too. We kept mouthing the words to each other. All the girls seemed to enjoy themselves too. 

This is our big group of girls with some moms and leaders of the other groups.

After the play we got to meet Miss Hannigan. 

They had a real dog playing Sandy. It was the cutest, fluffiest dog ever. We all wanted to take Sandy home.

 This is Lily St. Regis, Roosters girlfriend. This is one thing I love about Utah, all of the fun performances that are available. I think it's great exposing the kids to so many fun shows.

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rlg said...

You and Emma are so lucky to get to see so many plays. Utah County really does seems to be a great area for seeing so many plays. Glad you and Emma got to go and enjoy Annie.