Saturday, May 21, 2011

More New York

The "Celebrities"

Right when we got to Times Square, our first morning in New York, we see a large crowd hanging around a John Frieda trailer. I wanted to see what was going on so we waited for a few minutes. Next thing we know Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are coming out. People started screaming and taking their pictures. I was a little slow on the draw so this is all I got, except for the fun memory. It's funny, I've lived in California for at least 27 years, been to Hollywood and Los Angeles a million times and never saw anyone famous or even close to famous. This was a lotfun for me. 

Here they go. They each had their own "getaway" car. 

When Paul and I started making our plans I asked if we could go to Kleinfeld's while we were in New York. I love Say Yes to the Dress. I've probably seem every episode. We walked there on Sunday and arrived right as they were closing. We took a couple of pictures and the next thing I know Diane (The blond with the bangs below) is walking out leaving for the day. I was a little star struck so I just smiled. 

There was some bickering and a little arguing between Paul and I about what do since we had walked all this way to see Kleinfeld's. He wanted me to go in and tell them I was a fan of the show. "I can't, they're trying to close." "No, I don't have an appointment so I can't go in." After a while Paul convinced me to go inside. I was opening the doors when someone who worked there was coming out. They informed me that they were closed and he spoke up and said I was a fan of the show. At that point they said  something like "Oh go in and tell the receptionist. She'll let you look around."

I walked in and had a moment. It was so surreal to be there in person. The dresses on display were amazing. Everything was sparkling under the lights. Oh how I wanted to be a bride again! I saw Camille (Long dark hair pictured below) and talked to her for a while along with another consultant that I knew from the show but can't find online. Camille was very sweet. They still had appointments going on so we couldn't walk through the salon but we could look in. We saw Joan and Pnina was there doing a trunk show. She is so gorgeous! Everyone looked exactly like they do on TV. It was so much fun for me and they were really kind and accommodating. 

The day we checked out we saw this sign in our hotel lobby. I thought it would be cool if we could see her but I wasn't going to go out of my way. Paul and I had been doing a little shopping in Time's Square before we had to leave for the airport. He found a shirt he really wanted but they didn't have his size. They called the other store and 5th Ave. and they had one and held it for him. He decided he could get there faster if he walked alone so I went back to the hotel. I stayed in the lobby playing on my phone. Luckily I was right there when Holly arrived. 

I snuck this picture with my phone. There was a photographer and a camera man there filming her. I didn't think they would appreciate me blasting her with the flash off of my camera. I know these aren't major stars but I still had a blast seeing them.  

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rlg said...

It surprises me that the people in New York seems so friendly. Didn't think they would be that way. Kind of nice.