Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

This years Easter was pretty low-key. We've had our outfits chosen for a really long time. I didn't start shopping for goodies until just a few days before the big event.

The kids got to hunt for their baskets and eggs before we went to church. Andrew had some issues at church but once I got him to eat some snacks he started to snap out of it.

The choir at church performed and it was beautiful. I got to go to Relief Society instead of sharing time. That was pure bliss. When we got home we colored eggs and sat around the table together laughing and sharing memories.

We didn't think we were going anywhere for dinner but at the last minute that  changed and we were able to spend Easter with Paul's sisters family and his parents. All I had to make was make an obscene amount of funeral potatoes. It's always nice to not have to prepare the whole meal.

It was a nice day. I couldn't have asked for more.  

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