Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York (Part 2)

Items I can Cross off my Bucket List

These are four things I can now cross off my list.

Go to New York City
See a show on Broadway
Walk in Central Park and on the Brooklyn Bridge
See the Statue of Liberty

Here I am in New York. Check.

There was great debate on what show to see. We looked into seeing Wicked again but it was mega bucks for decent seats. Did we want to see something we had already seen? I wasn't sure. I wanted to see Mary Poppins but when I asked about it on a message board other shows were suggested (since we weren't taking kids) like How to Succeed in Business and Anything Goes. We waffled back and forth but in the end went with Mary Poppins. I am SO GLAD we did! 

It was just what I had hoped for. It was a *production*. It was fun. It was tender and sweet. It was magical. I loved it. 

Here I am getting ready to head out. 

Here we are in the theater.

The image on the curtain. The theater was gorgeous. We were in the third row of the mezzanine which ended up being a great location. At the end of the show Mary flew right up and over us. I couldn't help it. I totally teared up. It was such a wonderful moment. 

We had such an amazing time. We tried to get tickets for more shows but didn't have any luck. I hope that I will get to see more shows on Broadway in my lifetime. It was truly special.

We went to the park on Friday. We didn't see much of Central Park but we did walk through the southern part. It was the only day with decent weather so we didn't have a chance to explore more. We had hoped to go back for a carriage ride or a pedi-cab ride through the rest of the park but with the rain I wasn't interested. 

We almost didn't go to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was so wet. We had just come back from the Statue of Liberty where we had got up a bunch of stairs so my legs were tired. It was really wet and rainy. We had been walking a lot already why add more unnecessarily? It was so wet. Our feet hurt. Did I mention it was wet? Anyway we decided last minute to go since it was on my bucket list and we are both glad we did. We had a lot of fun. I don't know why it's so cool to walk out on the bridge but it is. It just gorgeous and the fact that it is so old, it's just really a cool thing to do. I'm really glad we took to time. 

 I really love this bridge!

Due to the weather this was the best view I had had of Lady Liberty until our tour Monday. I had hoped for better weather by then but if anything it was worse. What can you do? Make the best of it of course. 

There she is! There I am! I finally got to see her. Once again I cried. I couldn't help but think about my grandma while I was there. I remember her saying she cried when she saw her so it made me cry. Not a boo hoo cry but there were tears. I wish we had more time but we were rushed since we only had an hour until the last boat left for Ellis Island. 

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have normally taken because my camera and lens kept getting wet. 

She is beautiful isn't she? 

I'm glad to have these. 

Our tickets included a museum and pedestal access. This is the original torch. I think they swapped them in the 90's but I could be remembering wrong. All I know is when Paul went and saw her as a kid this was the torch she held. It was really spectacular. 

She's a little creepy looking like this isn't she? Eeek! I like her better green. 

Her toes are huge and the second one is longer than the first. She must be intelligent ; ) 

After we climbed up the steps to get up to her base you could look up and see inside her. Isn't it cool? I loved seeing all the seems in the copper. 

We didn't get any views of the city from Liberty Island. It was all under cloud cover but it was still a dream come true for me to be there. 

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rlg said...

What a wonderful experience for you and Paul. Again, such beautiful pictures. I love the one with you holding Mary Poppins hand, so cute! Seeing you at the Statue of Liberty brought tears to my eyes. I'm thankful you got to go see her. I'm sure I'll never have that chance or opportunity. You are very blessed and fortunate.