Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Cyber Monday~Happy Shopping

There are great deals out there on the web today. If you don't already have an Ebates account you need to sign up!

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So far I have gotten back over $130 in cash. In just one year. For shopping online! Today most cash back bonuses are doubled. You go to the Ebates site, sign up, search a store you are going to shop at anyway, follow their link and shop. That's it.

Have fun shopping!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

A few months ago Paul's parents decided to host Thanksgiving in their new home in St. George. We told them we would love to go but if the weather was really bad we wouldn't risk the drive.

Over the weekend the news started talking about a terrible storm that was heading our way. At one point it was suppose to be bad weather on Monday and then again on Wednesday. As a preemptive strike we booked a room for Tuesday night in St. George thinking we would travel Tuesday to be safe.

As it got closer they were predicting it to be bad Monday and Tuesday but over and done with by Wednesday morning. Alrighty then, I guess we won't need the room Tuesday. As it got closer the storm turned into "The Blizzard of 2010". We heard warning after warning about staying off the roads. Monday night it was suppose to hit. We woke up Tuesday morning with things looking ominous but it was still dry and snowless. However the winds were picking up and you could feel the chill in the air.

The more we heard the more we were getting worried. When watched the news Tuesday morning it was still warnings, warnings, warnings. Do Not Travel, Etc. Etc. The blizzard could go through Wed. morning and with the freezing temperatures the roads wouldn't be safe to drive on.

We didn't know what to do. We really wanted to be part of the Thanksgiving festivities. There was going to be a lot of family there and we wanted to be there too!

The weather people were saying it would hit our area sometime around 5:00 pm Tuesday. We decided if we left before noon we would be okay. Paul went and checked the kids out of school, we stuffed the car full of water, heavy coats, snow boots and everything else we would need for the following few days. We were going to get ahead of that storm if it killed us! Off we went. By the time we got to Beaver we knew we were good to go.

We love this big chair in Beaver. Plus this Chevron gas station has THE best potties on the planet. They are seriously the nicest gas station bathrooms ever!

We went to see David and Nancy in their new house. They served us dinner and after visiting for a while we checked into our hotel. The first thing the kids wanted to do was SWIM! 

We stayed at this hotel a couple of years ago. I was curious to see how the kids had grown. Look at how long their legs have gotten. Andrew has lost his little boy face too : (

Emma put her shirt over the jet LOL! 

It was almost literally freezing outside. Paul was bundled and I was wrapped in a blanket.

Since we had gotten down there a day early we decided to drive to Vegas on Wednesday. We stopped back by David and Nancy's to drop off our stuff so we wouldn't have it in the car all day long. (we checked out of the hotel we had gotten and the rooms that Paul's parents got all of us weren't ready yet) Over there house were swarms and swarms of seagulls. It was a little creepy!

Our first stop in Vegas was the Premium Outlets. It was sort of a bust. We spent way too much time there and didn't get any bargains. I guess it isn't a good idea to go shopping right before Black Friday. After the outlets we went to Bellagio's gardens. I had never been there for any season other than spring so this was a real treat. 

Of course Andrew had to touch the water. It went spraying EVERYWHERE! 

I was so in love with this guy I can't even tell you. If there was a way for me to steal him I so would have. Look at that face. Isn't he amazing?

We walked out front to see when the water show was going to go next. We had some time to kill. 

We went back inside and I got this shot. There were two of these behind the check in desk. They were huge!

We went across the street to a mall where the only sizes H&M had were teeny single digits. Boo! I love this chandelier though. 

It was time for the water show! 

Seriously, it never gets old. 

After watching the water we drove to Henderson to get some Chevy's Tex Mex since they no longer have that in Utah. Yum! I took this hanging out the car window. 

We got home pretty late that night. I was tired and grumpy and just wanted to go to bed. We had to wait for a few other family members to arrive before we could check into our hotel. Once we did I got to relax and sleep. I felt much better on Thanksgiving day. As family started rolling in we found out the the storm never did hit our area. We would have been fine driving Wednesday but then we would have missed out on Vegas. 

We tried to get a family shot but it was cold and the kids wanted to play with their cousins. 

When we came in I was sitting on the floor and John just came up and sat on me. I was so flattered. Kids don't pick me. 

Andrew and Ben playing in the back yard.

Calvin and Andrew playing.

Kellen loved all the food. Seriously loved it! 

I forgot to take a picture of the turkey until after it had been carved. Oops.

My plate. Yummy!

How sweet is this? Ben and Calvin.

After a tiny turkey bowl of kids vs. adults, some serious melt-downs and a lot of family time we headed back to the hotel. As soon as the light went out we were asleep. 

The next day was BLACK FRIDAY!!! Nancy said she would watch all the grandkids and David gave us some spending money to make the day more fun. It was AwEsOmE! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. We did good at the tiny little mall, Costco, the outlets.

While the adults were out the kids decorated the Christmas tree and jell-o cookies. 

Here's Mere and Kellen. Kellen loved the camera. He got all excited each time I took pictures.

We tried for a group shot. That is always interesting LOL! 

This is what ends up happening. ; )

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids. 

That night I wanted dog-food tacos...bad. We don't have Jack in the Box up north either. Sad.

Later that night the boys got pizza and watched Boise vs. Nevada in the lounge/dining room while the wives and kids relaxed. Mere and I even got in the hot tub while the kids played in the pool.

This morning it was time to head home. Paul and I both teach in church tomorrow. We decided to splurge and get McDonald's for breakfast rather than eat the free hotel breakfast. Back when we lived in Ivins it was too far to get fast food in St. George and take it back to the house. One time we ate Sconecutter outside the temple gate. The kids have always remembered that and bring it up each time we go near a Sconecutter. 

This morning after going through Mickey D's drive through Paul drove to the temple so we could eat near it again and create new memories in St. George. They have the nativity out for Christmas. 

I love this temple since it is where my Grandma Louise and Grandpa Lowell were married. She's doing really well by the way. 

 The temple is so beautiful and old fashioned looking. It seemed so white, like it had just been painted.

Emma got out of the car and said "I want a picture on the steps." We took several of her on these steps when she was little. She bounded up just like she did when she was four. Even though she is growing up, she's still my little girl.

I love the contrast of the bright white and the autumn leaves that are still on the trees.

After breakfast we made the drive home. It was good to be back and Marius was happy to see us.