Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November = A Daily Gratitude Post

 This picture was taken last October at the Japanese Gardens in Portland Oregon. I am using it just so this post is more interesting.  ;)

I am hoping that I can do a daily gratitude post throughout the month of November. I wish I had thought of this yesterday but I didn't so I will start a day late. (However yesterday I was thankful for a beautiful autumn day. It's been in the low 60's an perfectly glorious.)

This idea came to me because tonight my heart is full of love for my friends and neighbors. We are so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful and I mean truly wonderful people.

I have a little boy who excitedly went to scouts tonight (after declaring a long time ago that he "never wanted to go again" because Rees was released from being pack leader) all because our backyard neighbor is the new assistant pack leader. He has carried Andrew home while he was crying with scrapped and bloody knees, he shares his families trampoline with anyone that wants to use it, and he is an all around nice guy. I don't know if scouts will ever be Andrew's thing but he was excited to go because of a great neighbor that he knows and trusts.

Tonight for scouts they had a bike safety rodeo. Andrew hasn't used his bike for a quite a while. (It's so hard to ride around here since it's really hilly.) His bike had flat tires. Just like that he was able to go to another neighbor's house to have the tires pumped. We didn't even have to wonder if they would help us, we just knew that they would. Everyone around here has each others backs and it feels really nice.

I voted today and saw more friends/neighbors volunteering their time. I go to the grocery store or the kids' schools and always see a friendly face. If I forget something from the grocery store I have so many people that I can call and borrow things from.

I feel so lucky and thankful for the people in my neighborhood and I am honored to call them friends.

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