Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Still Thankful, I promise!

We have been working like crazy. We as in mostly Paul. We finally got the three doors painted. What a giant pain in the butt that was. At lease it saved us some serious bucks. Do you know how much they want to charge you to paint a door? $700 for the front door and $1000 for the french doors. Um, no way. I didn't care if we had to apply the paint with our tongues we weren't going to pay that kind of money.

Anyway, yesterday I was thankful for power tools like our paint sprayer, power drill and all that good stuff that makes home improvement projects doable.

Today I am thankful for the new shelf in my bedroom (and for Paul who assembled it) that is helping me be much more organized. It is also keeping me safe since I can't trip over the giant piles of crap that had no home. My crap is no longer homeless and for that I am thankful. LOL!

Sorry for the camera phone picture. Emma got straight A's on her first junior high report card yesterday. We celebrated with a dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We are very proud of you baby girl!

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