Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Weekend at BYU

This is my first time adding a video. I hope it works. I wanted to add two but I can't seem to. Maybe I will do another post with just video. 

My cousin Julia is so cool! She is one of approximately five students that gets to play the Carillon Bell Tower on BYU's campus. On Friday she treated my mom and I to a tour and "concert". She played three songs for us and even let us ring one of the bells. It was so fun and I love that I have these bragging rights now!

Here is the practice room.

The top row of handles are the black keys on the piano the second row are the white keys.  Middle C is way down low however. I don't know if I could get my brain to think like that.

 We climbed 99 spiral steps to get up in the tower.

We were totally out of breath by the time we got to the top. Well, not Julia, my mom and I were.

The foot pedals

Julia was amazing. 

A look at some of her music.

Proof that I was really there ; ) 

Say Cheese!

Some pictures of "Caroll"

On Saturday Paul and I went back to BYU for Romeo and Juliet. They already have the statues and art work wrapped up to protect them from paint and other vandalism since the big game is only a week away.

Sorry, nasty picture, but it was the best one.

I'm not a fan of Shakespeare. It's too hard for me to understand plus I was sick with a head cold so we left during the intermission. My sinuses were so stuffed, I was miserable. 

 The leads did do a really great job though. Especially Juliet. She was wonderful. I feel bad that we left but it had to be done.

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