Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today I am Thankful for my Cat

Today I was at Target looking at the Halloween clearance. They still had a lot of dog costumes left. I thought Marius is as big as some dogs... 

I don't know why we haven't started dressing him up for Halloween. It really is great fun. I couldn't resist getting the a fish costume. (It was either that of a bunch of grapes) It makes me laugh just thinking about it. It totally looks like the fish is eating the cat!

I don't always give him the love and respect he deserves. I often say I wish we didn't have a pet at all. He sheds more than any animal I have ever lived with. He meows louder than any cat I have ever heard.  I feed him and take care of all of his needs and yet he chooses Paul over me all the time. He's a turd but honestly he's a good turd. 

He is incredible patient and gentle. I mean how many cats would let you dress them and then photograph them without shredding you to ribbons? 

He provides hours of entertainment for all four of us. He is loved and adored and spoiled rotten. He's lucky to have us but more importantly we are lucky to have him.  


linda said...

I love the fish costume on the cat..

Wingnut said...

That is PERFECT! Or should I saw PURRFECT? That definitely put a smile on my face today :)

Debbie said...

I can totally identify with being thankful for your cat! We have two cats and they are totally spoiled. I always say that if your cat isn't spoiled, you shouldn't have one.

I'll have to think about dressing them up next year! LOL

rlg said...

Very cute! I just love animals and their uncontional love. He is a beautiful cat.