Sunday, September 19, 2010

World of Dance

Paul is taking Humanities this semester. There are several events that he has to attend and write papers about. The first one was World of Dance. We were planning in making a date night out of it. We called his parents to see if they could watch the kids and they were busy. When Paul told them what we were trying to do they said they had four tickets for the show that they couldn't use. They gave them all to us and it ended up being a family event. The kids were totally excited to go. I love that they love these sorts of things.

The performance had ballet, folk, contemporary, and ballroom numbers. Some were great some were slow and some numbers were just...crazy. One of the ballroom numbers used blow-up dolls and Razor scooters. I never, ever thought my kids would learn about blow-up dolls at BYU. It lasted about an hour and a half.

It ended with a group number to Glee's version of Safety Dance. We all loved that number. When we got close to the car the kids said "I feel like jumping and dancing!" I grabbed my camera and said let's do it! We had a ton of fun getting action shots.

People walking by were looking at us like we were nuts but we were having fun and didn't care.

Ready, set,


Paul and I will get to go to the Utah Symphony, the Museum of Art, Romeo and Juliet and a foreign film this semester. I am loving Humanities!


Wingnut said...

Good grief! How did you get that far off the ground! I don't think I'd go up more than 5" at the most!!!

rlg said...

Wow, you guys really can jump high. Looks like you should be the dancers. Glad you had such a good time.

rlg said...
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