Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Lovely Labor Day Getaway

We just got back from a totally fun, totally great, totally perfect Labor Day Getaway.

If you know me you know I love cheese. I found out on Facebook that the Tillamook Love Loaf Tour was going to be in my neck of the woods while we were going to be in Logan/Bear Lake. Nooooooo! I didn't want to miss it but we had already postponed this trip once and I wasn't going to do it again. I quickly went online to see where else the tour might be. I found out that they would be in Roy on Friday. Wahoo! That's right on our way. I was so excited when we pulled into Kent's Foods and saw the little loaf of love. 

After we were done playing with the cheese in Roy we headed to Perry, Utah. (Right next to Brigham City) I asked on Facebook where we should eat and Maddox was sugested by my uncle Rodger. He should wright a book on restaurants in Utah (and probably the surrounding states) with reviews. It would be a best seller in no time. He has such a way with words and his reviews are usually spot on. I know I would buy it! Anyway...

we chose to do the drive-in since it was less expensive and less crowded. 

It was totally fun to do a drive in.  

We got a buffalo burger (for me), BLT, cheeseburgers, fries to die for and a slice of fresh peach pie that I would kill for. It was all delish. 

After we got to the room and devoured the pie we decided to see what was happening in Logan. We went to the temple and walked all around the gorgeous grounds. The flowers were absolutely stunning. 

I wish the boys weren't wearing logo shirts. I love this picture though even with the sports teams logos.

We stayed until it was dark. We knew it was time to go when the mosquitos tried to carry us away. We went to the world's largest Wal Mart to look for water toys. We got a couple and the went back to the hotel where we got to play in the pool until 10:00pm.

The next morning we got up and it was in the 60's. Not exactly lake playing weather. We headed out to see what was so great about Bear Lake. We stopped at a vista point and figured it out pretty quickly. It's gorgeous, turquoise blue and...

they are know for their raspberries!!!

We stopped at one beach and the water felt like ICE. 

It was getting close to lunch time so we decided to drive around the lake to see where we would want to go when we were done eating. On the trip around we found a house shaped like a shoe.

We went all the way around and back to Garden City where we had Mexican for lunch. 

It was really good but the service was as slow a molasses going up-hill in the the winter. It was hilarious, there were like only 10 families there. When we asked if we could get chips and salsa they apologized for the delay. They said it would be another minute because they were swamped. It was not the most authentic but that's okay. The quality of the meat was great and I would totally eat there again. We finally got our chips and we ate them like we had never seen food before. Yum!

We walked around Garden City for a while looking in the little shops waiting for it to warm up a bit. 

Finally it was feeling pretty hot so we went back to the first beach we had come across. We couldn't believe how clear the water was and how far out you could go without it getting deep. It was a great place that we totally want to back to next summer. We were enthralled with all these little shells on the beach. They were so fun to look at and pick through.

It was a gorgeous day.

We let the kids play for a couple of hours before we headed back to town for more shops and more food.

I wasn't leaving without some raspberry treats. I got chocolate covered raspberries, raspberry pull-aparts and a raspberry shake. I just don't understand why I'm fat. 

Everything was delicious except for the chocolate dipped raspberries. Someone who is obviously related to Satan decided it would be okay to dip them in semi-sweet chocolate. I wanted to hurl. Who does that!?! Why wasn't I warned? It was very upsetting. 

Emma got a chocolate dipped rice crispie treat. Paul said they used the same toxic chocolate. (They went swimming in the hotel pool again. This time I didn't join them.)

I also bought a turtle but I am scared to death to try it. I can't stand the taste that semi-sweet leaves in my mouth. I'll try it when I have some kind of chaser ready. 

This morning we woke up, ate breakfast and then didn't know what else to do since it was a Sunday and most things were closed. Andrew was complaining of a head cold and sore throat. He was a little irritable and a lot home sick. It was best if we just headed out so we drove home. We were home much earlier than we expected but that's okay because I got a wicked long nap.  It was so nice to go away for a couple of nights, to explore someplace new, and try some yummy new foods. These little weekends away re-fuel me and energize me. I am so thankful for this amazingly beautiful world that we live in. 


Debbie said...

Absolutely stunning pictures. I would love to visit that lake someday. I love looking at your blog. We live in such different parts of the country and it's neat to see pictures from out West. You really do take beautiful pictures. I know what you mean about little weekend getaways. So much fun!

linda said...

Great pictures, I really love the pictures of the Temple, so pretty. Looks like a fun weekend

Angela said...

Maggie and Robb highly recommend Maddox also. I ate at the restaurant with Maggie and Jen Cragun after our triathlon - the food was great. After our marathon last Sept Trevor and I ate at the drive thru and it was awful, so I'm glad you had a good time/food at the drive through

Jeanette said...

I'm a little slow, I just realized today that I no longer get your blog updates through google reader. gonna have to research that!

Girl, you should have talked to me before you went to Bear Lake, I could have given you all kinds of cool ideas for things to do!

I adore Maddox! I always get the chicken basket, dark meat.

Next time you are in Bear Lake take a drive out to Paris (About 30 minutes north) they have the most amazing tabernacle there, it's built like the inside of a boat. There is also a fun, and free, historical museum right across the street, and the little house of my dreams on the way back.

There is Minnetonka cave, The timberline trail hike (Short and fairly level). There is a rest stop on the south side of the lake where if you take a short hike out to the water, there are little chorus frogs by the millions!

I'm bummed that you went and didn't see lots of cool things. I love Bear Lake!