Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is it Halloween Yet?

All the stores are setting up their Halloween displays and I just keep getting more and more excited. The kids' costumes have been chosen. We are doing the Angel and Devil/Demon thing this year. The kids wanted to wear that last year but then we switched when my pirate costume didn't fit me. (Grumble grumble) We are still trying to convince Paul that he wants to dress up. So far he has not been convinced.

I still need to get some white sparkly make-up for Emma and horns and make-up for Andrew (If he will let me put make-up on him this year) but otherwise we are set. I am glad to have the costumes figured out.

Maggie and I were talking about costumes and she told me that she had bought Olivia a gypsy costume. A day or two later I put on a necklace that is brass with a lot of circles that dangle off of it. It makes a lot of noise and reminds me of a gypsy. I thought, hey I could do that rather inexpensively. So I went online and found my inspiration. It will be a dross between these two costumes.

I asked Maggie if she minded me taking her idea. She looked at me like I was crazy and said she didn't mind at all. I was so relieved.

I am using a peasant shirt I already have (I can't do an off the shoulder thing at Andrew's school), a long skirt I've had for years, jewelry I already have and boots I already have. Last Friday I went and bought some fabric that I will tie around my waist. I am set. It will be nice to not have a wig or giant headpiece this year. Also my make-up with be pretty normal. It will be heavy but I shouldn't have to use any of the nasty, sticky Halloween make-up.

I'm so excited that I even digi-scrapped a page from last years pictures. I used and altered a 2 Many Photos template from Janet Phillips and the kit is Bewitching by Kristin Cronin-Barrow.

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rlg said...

Looks like you guys will have really cool custumes again. You always look fabulous.