Sunday, September 26, 2010

Emma Turned 12!!!

I can not believe it has been 12 years since Emma was born. She is such an important part of our family and we are so thankful to have her. 

She has been counting down the days to this birthday since Girl's Camp. She has been so excited to join the Young Women's Organization. On the flip side, she's been totally ready to be out of primary. Today was the primary program at church. She was beyond thrilled that she did not have to participate. Her birthday was just in the time. 

Friday morning I asked if Emma wanted anything special for breakfast. She asked for pancakes. 

Paul and I then went to the Junior High and checked her out so she could go out to lunch. She wanted In-N-Out so that's where we went.

 After lunch my mom and I ran to get her balloons and some wrapping paper. We wrapped everything so  it was all ready when she got home.

Emma had to wait until dad came home before she could open any presents. That was hard for her. 

Once Paul got home I let her open a little gift. I had gotten this ring at Bath and Body Works while we were shopping there together. She totally wanted it while we were there but didn't have enough money so I bought it on the sly. It had been quite while ago and had it sitting in my purse for forever. I swear I thought she had found it but she says she didn't. I told her this is the only time a fish face picture was acceptable. 

We went to Iggy's for dinner. Emma got a Pina Colada and a grown-up meal.

 I had put up some decorations before she came home.

The loot. 

She got Young Women Value pencils

Some perfume.


A Webkinz Owl 

Some Ugg knock-offs

She got a journal, clothes, blanket, pumpkin bread (she asked for it) and a glitter toes certificate amongst other things.

She asked for a chocolate cake from Magelby's that is so rich and dense. Yum! 

Overall she had a great birthday. She was upset when she found out we almost got her a cell phone but didn't. We just don't think she needs one or is quite ready yet. We are so mean! 

When we got home last night we found this waiting for her from the Beehives. Today she got kidnapped from Primary and introduced into Young Women's at church and she couldn't have been happier.  

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rlg said...

What a lucky 12 year old. So glad she had such a great day. She is a true beauty, inside and out.