Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Picture Day ~ One Down, One to Go

There is so much hate out there for school pictures. I find them charming. They have been around since the beginning of time. I love the tradition of them. I love the plain pose and the boring background. Every year I hear parents that say they won't pay for school pictures, they'll just take their own. The new style of candid, bright, casual, outdoor photography is great too but I will never give up the school photos. I really truly love them.

Normally we have pretty good luck but there was the one year when this happened.

That was her second grade photo. I opened the envelope containing all the photos and almost cried. It was scary. It was like I was eye to eye with an angry dog. 


I asked what she was thinking and she didn't have an answer. I mean she was seven. That picture was like a sticky booger. We couldn't get rid of it. It was on every report card. It was in the 2nd grade yearbook. Heck she even made me a Christmas ornament with that photo glued onto it. For the record I'm pretty sure that ornament is no longer in our collection. 

Ever since then she has had lovely school photos. (Thank goodness) I have two frames in my living room where I proudly display the kids photos.

I'm happy to say that this years picture turned out pretty well. I will be pleased to hang it on my wall and I won't mind looking at it for the next year. 


So here you go grandmas, this is what you'll be getting soon. 

Andrew's picture are taken the first week of October. Cross your fingers that he will smile well, that eyes will be opened and that I won't be able to count each and every tooth in his mouth. 

Emma just saw this post and said "you're so mean!!!" 


Angelee said...

oh, isn't she pretty.

Debbie said...

Mignonne, you are so funny. I laughed and laughed when I saw the picture of the dog after seeing your daughter's second grade picture. Too funny!

My daughter had braces when she was in 5th or 6th grade and they took the class pictures after lunch. You can imagine what that picture turned out like!

I'm with you though, I love the class picture. I love the traditional-ness of it, and I love the fact that it is just them, no primping by moms or dads, fixing hair, making sure they look perfect. It's just them!

p.s. She does look very pretty in this picture!

rlg said...

The picture of Emma and the dog made us laugh so hard. She still is cute in that picture but she is a beauty in the Jr. High photo. Mignonne, you are so funny.