Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time for a little update...

 I just dumped my memory card so I will be doing some catch up. Beware, it will be boring. This past week was spent getting back into the swing of school, carpools, and waking up really early. Like a whole hour earlier than last year. Ug! Anyway, it's really exciting stuff. 

Last week our one on one lunch dates with the kids went well. It was fun to spend time with each one individually. Andrew wanted Rubio's. He got sooo much food. (taquitos, street style steak taco, rice, beans, chips, salsa, guac and soda) He ate almost all of it and was starving again in a couple of hours. I'm expecting a growth spurt any day now. 

Emma asked to go to Zupa's. Yum!!! She ordered a ton (she's too old for the kids meal so she got an adult try two combo) and only ate half. It's okay because she got a turkey, bacon and guacamole sandwich. My daughter is eating more adventurously each day and it thrills me! She is absolutely addicted to avocados. I never thought I would see her eat something green but she does and she loves it! 

Thursday was the first day that both kids were in school. It was nice and quiet but I missed them. Friday Maggie had me come over for lunch. She had made hummus and a black bean dip. We ate veggies, crackers and chips with it. It was nice to have some adult conversation. 

Saturday we went to the Park City outlets armed with about a thousand coupons. 

I got some stuff I didn't need and will probably return and Paul got some major bargains at Banana Republic. It's his favorite store and the reason we go up there so often. (It was Gap's Give and Get 30% off weekend) Slowly but surely he is replacing his ten year old church clothes. 

On Sunday the neighborhood kids played a spy game. (that's why she is wearing the black outfit) They came in for dinner and then Emma asked if she could pick a corn. We weren't sure if it was ready or not. (How can you tell if corn is ready?) We let her pick it since the stalk it was on was falling over anyway. 

She was totally excited to pick it and to try it. We got it inside and found out we were a tad premature. 

I boiled it up anyway and it was sweet and yummy, just too little. This picture reminds me of Tom Hanks in Big eating the mini-corns. 

The garden is growing like crazy.

We are going to have yellow squash coming out our ears in a couple of days.

We practically have our own pumpkin patch!

We've had some glorious weather. We have been getting up to a house that is 59 degrees in the morning.  (We leave the house fan on all night) Emma doesn't like getting ready when it's that cold but it feels so nice while we are sleeping. One day the kids even wore sweatshirts and jeans to school, in August! 

See this eye-sore? It's going away. We are finally getting a new door.

This is the new door. 

It isn't a dramatic change but we need the glass panel or the "entry area" (there really is no such thing as an entry area in a split entry home) would look like a dark elevator shaft. The good news is there won't be brass, anywhere.

It won't be old, faded, mildewed wood. 

It will be a nice rich brown (or maybe a reddish brown) that will work well with the orange in the bricks. 

Whatever color the door is painted the fabulous 1990's teal shutters will be painted the same color. I am tired of wasps crawling in the house through the cracks around the old door. I am tired of seeing light coming in all around the edges of the door. I am tired of the old wooden door jam that had a storm door attached to it looking all trashy because we took the storm door off. This is the first thing you see when you come to our home and it looks like crap.

Next on the agenda, the hearts. 

I can't stand the damn hearts. I wouldn't even put this house on the list of houses to look at because of those hearts. Paul made me look at this house, he didn't even notice the hearts. How can you not notice them? They stand out like a sore thumb. Anyone know how to get rid of rusty railing? Anyone know where to get different railing? I seriously can't stand looking at the hearts for another minute. 

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