Sunday, September 26, 2010

Exploring Utah

In 2009 Hi-Mountain Drug in Kamas was voted the best burger in Utah. Guess what? They won again in 2010! It just so happens that it's my friend Gennifer's family that owns it. I have been wanting to go for some time. We finally made it up there this weekend. 

We started our day in Park City at the outlets. We did some returns, pick up a couple of things and then headed to Kamas. 

 Paul and I both got the gonburger (Is that right Gen?) It has bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce and onions rings on it. Hello! It was totally delicious. Check this baby out. 

The kids really liked their cheeseburgers too.

Check out that drip of sauce. This is not a dainty burger. Yum! 

It was great to see Gennifer again. It had been way too long. 

The drug store was so fun. The kids were thrilled that they could shop for toys, candy, pocket knives etc. while waiting for their food. They were in heaven. This place took me back to my childhood. I remember when we would camp near Chester, Ca. we would go into town and there was a drugstore there that served milkshakes. It was fun to "go back in time."

Andrew got some Cowboy and Indians that are like army men, but not. Emma got some Disney magnet dress-up dolls that I secretly wanted but I opted for these earrings instead. I loved the colors and couldn't leave them behind. The only negative was that we ate too much and there wasn't room for ice cream. 

After our late lunch we headed to Mirror Lake. The Aspens were turning yellow and copper but we had missed the red leaves. It was still stunning. 

There weren't many trees like this but there were some. I had never seen Aspens this color. It was gorgeous. 

The whole area heading to the lake was open range for cattle. We saw a lot of cows.

Finally we made it to Mirror Lake at dusk. It was smaller than I had imagined but absolutely breathtaking. It was really cool up there too (It was 57 degrees) which was nice since it has been close to 90 lately.

They have this cool walk way to walk on. We walked almost half way around before heading back. We saw fish jumping, tiny fish or tadpoles (they moved so fast and it was rather dark making it difficult to know for sure what they were) and chipmunks on our walk.

On our way home we saw a sign for the Provo River falls. Paul zoomed past and I looked out over my shoulder and caught a glimpse. I said we had to go back and he obliged. It was so worth stopping. 

We could climb all around the falls and along the river. We were bounding around the rocks like mountain goats. The kids were having a blast throwing rocks, exploring and checking out all the different falls. It was like the best water feature you could ever imagine. It was so perfect it was hard to believe it was real. I used the rocks as my tri-pod and played around a bit. It was gorgeous! Did I already say that? ;) This picture below is another set of falls further down the river.

See Andrew down there? This gives you an idea of how large this part of the falls was. I loved the sound there too. I am wishing I had taken a picture down the gorge but I didn't. We walked down quite a ways and it was one fall after the other. Absolutely glorious. 

As we were coming out of the canyon we hit some "traffic". It was like the cows thought they owned the road. We made it home pretty late but it was so worth it. I love discovering the treasures that we have in our backyard. 


Gennifer said...

It was great to see you, and meet your beautiful family! The photos are gorgeous... and the falls are why I never make it up to Mirror Lake. I get distracted on my way up and spend all my time there! :)

Wingnut said...

Turquoise earrings...of course you had to have them!! I loved the pics of the falls with the dreamy effect using the tripod. What a lovely day you all must have had.

Angela said...

Weren't the Provo Falls beautiful! After we'd gone up there we had people ask if we'd eaten at "that great hamburger joint in Kamas". Of course we hadn't eaten there and would probably never eat there since no oe could tell me the name of the place-so thank you for the name. Now I'll be able to try it. From your pics I see they serve Leatherbys ice cream which is always good.

rlg said...

What a beautiful world we live in. I guess Bruce and I need to drive around and see some of the beauty here in Utah. The lake looks so gorgeous and the falls absolutely magnificent. Glad you had such a great time together.