Friday, June 1, 2012

May Collage

School is over. I can breath again. I hope to get caught up on all my blogging soon. It's a big job though.

Here is a little sample of what happened in the month of May. Paul and I tried dutch oven cooking on Memorial Day. We went out to lunch for Mother's Day. Andrew jumped out of the bus on the last day of school. Emma loves to play with our neighbor's chickens. I celebrated my 37th birthday. Emma graduated 8th grade and becomes a high school freshman. We discovered a nest of baby birds right outside of Andrew's bedroom window.


rlg said...

Always love looking at and reading your blog. Look forward to seeing more pictures and reading your witty remarks! Love seeing the pictures of you and your family.

Emily said...

Emma's really going to be in high school next year?? And 37? I feel like it wasn't too long ago we were in Las Vegas celebrating your ol' 3-0. My, how time flies.