Thursday, June 7, 2012

16 Years of Wedded Bliss

This year Paul and I sacrificed our normal anniversary trip for a big family vacation this summer. Even though we had known for a while that we weren't going to do anything special it was still a little sad for me as our anniversary approached. I wanted to do something. When spring break hit I asked my mom to take the kids home after Andrew's birthday so Paul and I could have an "anniversary weekend". 

Thursday night we went to the temple in American Fork. It was a really nice session. I am so glad we were able to go. We need to do it more often.

Friday night we drove to Salt Lake City and went to dinner at Blue Iguana then went and checked out the City Center mall. It is quite beautiful.

There are a lot of great stores there. Some of my favorites actually. 

After walking around the mall for a short time we went to Temple Square to look at all the gorgeous spring flowers. I love being on Temple Square.

After we were done there we headed back to the mall.

Man if I had unlimited fundage I could do some serious damage there. After we has wandered around most of the mall we headed for home. Saturday we tried to sleep in and then went to pick up the kids. Even though it wasn't a trip somewhere fun it as nice to change things up a bit.

For our actual anniversary we went to lunch at PF Changs where I didn't even take a single picture. Not even with my phone. We had called and requested a booth but no one bothered to write down our reservation or our request. A lady was in a booth and had already paid so the hostess asked if we wanted to wait. We said yes. Well after about 15 minutes the lady was obviously not going anywhere so they stuck us in a different "booth". It was a traditional booth not a round one so I couldn't slide in next to Paul, we couldn't be in a picture together if we tried. Oh well. After sixteen years we have enough pictures of us together right? NOT! I wanted a round booth dang it. Stupid lady who wouldn't leave and stupid man for not writing down our reservation.

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rlg said...

So thankful for you and Paul.Also,so proud of you guys. Love the beautiful temple pictures and spring flowers.It really is intexch 10gorgeous there on the temple grounds. Thanks for sharing. I was surprised at how huge that mall looks. Hadn't really thought much about it but it looks enormous.