Monday, June 11, 2012

More Instagram

I just realized that I didn't get all of my Instagram pictures off my phone. It had been a loooong time since I had gotten them off. Here are more from April and early May.

I have found that I really like quinoa. I usually eat it with fish for lunch. I found a breakfast "cereal" recipe that I was excited to try. It was quinoa, blackberries, cinnamon and toasted pecans. It was not very breakfasty tasting. It was just weird. I put some honey in it and that helped but not enough. It was hard for me to get down. I think I will use quinoa for lunch and dinners for now on. It was pretty though. It just didn't taste that good.

She may be a teenager but she's still my baby girl and I can't help it. I like to look in on her while she's sleeping.

I walked past her room one morning and saw this LOL! It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz.

Marius trying to squeeze his way onto her bed. Again. Even though it is in use.

These are some cute cupcakes that we took to David & Nancy's. The kids gobbled them right up.

This whole year I have been drinking pretty much only water. I've had a few SoBe Lifewaters and one tiny glass of soda. For my birthday I ordered a piƱa colada. I almost hit my friend when I took a sip it was so good and SWEET! I enjoyed it. A lot. I can't thank them enough for taking me to lunch. It was delish.

I wanted a donut for my birthday but I didn't want the whole dozen in the house. That would be bad. Paul kindly bought a dozen and kept most at his office. He brought home enough for me and the kids then ate the rest himself. He is such a giver!

My birthday goodies.

My super cute birthday balloons.

Pink calla lilies that I also got for my birthday. They were so pretty. 

First watermelon of the season and it was amazing. We got it at Costco and I would say it was the best watermelon we have ever had. 

Emma and I can't stand the cuteness. We adore these mini Triscuits. They are DARLING.

We made killer guacamole burgers with pepper jack cheese a while ago. I topped mine with pico de gallo. It was fantastic. I loved it and can't wait for another one.

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rlg said...

Always such fun pictures. I didn't get the Wizard of Oz comment for a moment. Now I do. The Wicked Witches feet under the house that fell on her, right?