Monday, June 11, 2012

J Dawgs

Paul was recently asked to work with the young men ages 16-18 at church. They quickly taught him all about J Dawgs. (Once upon a time there was a BYU student who started selling hot dogs out of a shack down by campus. They were so popular that he now has real restaurants.) The boys love these dogs! They've served homemade versions at a couple of the activities that Paul has gone to. He went and bought some of the sauce so we could all try it. It has been a hit at our house as well. We've eaten more hot dogs in the last week than I care to admit. Last Friday we were eating them, again. The kids had some friends over and asked if we could feed them too. The answer was, "Of course!" 

This is the sauce. It's like a tangy honey BBQ sauce. 

The guests were all excited to have a classy meal like hot dogs and cheese fries served on paper plates.

Real J Dawgs are scored in a crisscross pattern so they hold more sauce. We need to start doing that. The other thing that makes the hot dog so good is the banana peppers. I was hesitant to try it but now I'm hooked. A meal fit for a king. Cuz kings love to eat off of paper plates.


rlg said...

So glad we got to taste that special JDawg sauce. Very very delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Emily said...

JDawg's is sooo good. One of the few hot dogs I'm willing to eat. Glad to hear it's thriving still.