Friday, June 8, 2012

Father & Sons Camp-out May 19th

Pretty much every year they announce a father and sons camp-out at church and every year Paul finds a reason not to go. I can't blame him. I hate tent camping. This year his attitude about the whole thing was different. He was gung-ho to go. I knew Andrew was at a good age to be away from momma so I didn't try to stop them. 

The weekend before Paul and the kids set up our tent to make sure it was still in good condition since we haven't used it for years. It was perfect! Paul got some new pads to sleep on so he tried those out as well. They seemed like they would do the job. The boys were set.

I wanted to have a mommy daughter date while the boys were gone but Emma was offered a babysitting job. Money was more important than mommy. Paul asked if we would all like to go out to dinner together before they left. Of course I wanted to! We went to Mama Chu's since it was at the mouth of the Provo canyon. It was right on the way to the campground Paul and Andrew would be going to.

They weren't serving dinner up there so Paul wanted to make sure he was good and full before he left. 

Fried Ice Cream! 

Bye guys! Have fun, we'll miss you.

I sent Andrew with my little point and shoot camera. I was so excited to hear he had taken a lot of pictures. When I put them on the computer I found tons of shots like this. Heads in pictures are so over rated, right? Sorry Trent. We would have loved to see your face. Oh well.

Paul & Andrew's home away from home.

Trent sure knows how to build a fire!

They had a great time. I guess it was freezing up there. They woke to ice/frost all over their tent. There were a lot of people and Andrew got along well with all the boys. From what we've heard they are going to try to host it at the same campground each year for a while. Paul said it was a great place so they are already looking forward to the next one.

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rlg said...

So glad Paul and Andrew got to go. Loved your comments regarding Andrew's photos and the no heads. He'll have to follow you around a little to learn how pictures are done right. Fun times for your family.