Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Babies

On May 26th we decided to clean the garage. It was bad! We need to have a yard sale something fierce. We noticed some robins getting really nervous as we were going about our business in the garage. Finally we realized that they had a nest and babies!

As the day went on it started to rain and it got very dark and windy. Mom and dad did a wonderful job feeding and protecting the babies.

We realized later that the nest was in the perfect spot. We had a fantastic view from Andrew's room. We could look right down into it. It was so incredibly fun to see them even though they were rather ugly. I kept calling them pterodactyls. 

We were amazed at how quickly they changed and grew. In just five days they looked like this.

The next day they were even more mobile.

On June 3rd they were standing and flapping their wings.

June 4th

By that afternoon they had all left the nest. We got to watch three of them leave. The first one left before we got up that morning. One ended up going back but the next morning the nest was empty. We think they are still in the yard. We see babies we just don't know if they are our babies. The parents are still watching over them and feeding them at times. It was absolutely fascinating to watch. I am so glad we got this experience. 


Debbie said...

Oh Mignonne I absolutely LOVE your pictures of the babies. How wonderful for your family to get to see this so "up close and personal." I loved seeing how they grew and finally left the nest. And the quality of your pictures......they were stunning. Thanks for posting them.

Sprinkle Some Sunshine said...

WOW! I'm so glad you got that experience too so you could share it with us. The pics are just BEAUTIFUL!

rlg said...

I love seeing how you caught all the stages of the lives. Wonderful pictures. What a treat to have them where you could all see them so well. Nature is such a blessing to us all.

Emily said...

That's really cool. Great pictures, too. Also, I can't believe how incredibly fast they grow/change!