Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Andrew is Eleven!

Way back in the middle of April we celebrated Andrew's eleventh birthday. I think I have been putting this post off because I always get emotional thinking about my kids and how much they are growing and changing.

Andrew has matured a lot this past year. There were many occasions where I sighed a big heavy sigh of relief and thought to myself, "He's going to be okay. We've got this." He was quick to volunteer to help a family move just because he wanted to serve. He worked super hard the entire time too. He is embracing scouts and he listens and participates in Family Home Evening. He is very quick to feel the Spirit and it always softens him right up. He has a love of music that can't be matched. He is always playing something on the piano, ukulele or guitar. Sometimes he is even tapping something out on my furniture. I can't wait until he starts percussion in junior high. He'll be awesome!

Just when I think things are going great and he's growing up into a responsible young man something happens and I wonder if we've made any progress with him at all. The last few weeks have not been easy. He's was sick for a while and then he hurt his foot. Good heavens, he can be all drama. More often then not he is a wonderful boy. I am happy to have him, but he still has his Andrew moments. BUT we're working on it! He still can't handle pain, he's super sensitive, very emotional and he still needs to eat very often or he turns into Satan. He still likes to tease Emma and sometimes he is just downright mean. BUT we're working on it!!! (See a theme here?)

He is certainly a challenge but I think we need that to keep us on the straight and narrow. He's a blessing and I wouldn't trade him for anything.

We took him to eat at Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner. When they put him on the saddle he declared, "I'm too old for this!" LOL! He was a good sport. 

Back home we had cake and opened presents. He wanted a red velvet cake from Costco. I was so relieved to find out they sold them all year. If they didn't I was going to have to make something.  

All he wanted from Grandma Renee was a sock elephant. I know this was a challenge for her but it turned out well and he loved it.

Andrew loves rainbow Mentos. The only place we can find them is Old Navy. It's really bizarre. Paul went onto Amazon and got him a whole box. He was trilled. They lasted a few weeks. 

He also got action figures.


Lego set that we had been holding onto since before Christmas

and a Marvel book that he had been wanting for a very long time. He was happy happy happy.

This year he picked an Angry Birds balloon even though it didn't say happy birthday. They were still cute!

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rlg said...

Those are beautiful thoughts regarding Andrew. He is a special,sweet and sensitive young man. I love the pictures, he looks so happy in each one of them. He will continue to grow into an exceptional man,just wait and see. All of your efforts will pay off. You always make the children's birthdays so special for them building wonderful family memories. They are blessed to have you.