Sunday, August 8, 2010

American Fork Canyon ~ Take Two

If you will remember, the last time we went to the canyon I forgot....just about everything. We didn't have plates, utensils, or buns among other things. 

This time I obviously did better. See, they have plates, sides to eat and smiles!

I did better this time because I had made a packing list after the last time, you know, after I had screwed up. It had just about everything on it that we need to take with us when we go. (I had forgotten to put ketchup and mustard on the list but Paul added that before we left. Whew!)

FYI~We were suppose to go on Wednesday night but Paul was sick and there were storms so we stayed home and had hot cereal, eggs, bacon and toast. We were going to try the next night but it was a repeat of the night before only we ate some different crappy food for dinner. We finally made it up on Friday. Paul still isn't feeling well but since I did 95% of the work he figured we could go anyway. He actually felt better in the cooler fresh air.

See that fire in the back ground? There was something sinister going on there. I'm not even kidding. They had garbage bag after garbage bag and box after box of papers, documents and scrapbooks. They were wearing gloves, the kind you wear when you handle old papers, and they were BURNING everything. The whole time we were there they were leafing through books gently and then they would TEAR them apart and throw them on the fire! It was so hard not to stare LOL!

While we were getting the food out and the fire hot the kids played in the water and burned things. 

He's putting on a brave face and trying to be happy but he just doesn't feel well.

Hey Andrew, don't play with your food. The kid can't eat Bugles without making claws out of them.

I finished my first dog and went right back for seconds. 

I wasn't the only one who had seconds so there. (But I Was the first since I eat freakishly fast.)

We were pretty excited tonight about the s'mores. We decided to jump on the Giant Marshmallow bandwagon. The marshmallows have been taking the blogging world by storm. I first read about them here. I showed Paul and he was like "we have to have those!" Then Emily posted about them here and then they showed up again here. They kept popping up on my Google reader taunting me, but it wasn't until I read this post that I knew where to get them. WinCo! After Emma's appointment we headed to WinCo and sure enough they had the giant marshmallows. (WinCo is our try someplace new for August unless we add something more interesting later.)

Can you tell how big these are?

Andrew kept torching his. 

I did too but I did it intentionally.

He was making a giant mess but having so much fun!

I thought I would still use two marshmallows but then quickly realized that was totally unnecessary. 

One was plenty. 

It was hard not to get messy. 

After dessert it rained. It only lasted for about a minute or so but a lot of water fell in that time.

We had to re-stoke the fire.

The kids went back into the water and Andrew fell in. They both got partially wet but he was soaked through on the bottom half. We got him changed and then discouraged any more water play since it was getting dark and cooling off.

Emma suggested a few round of charades. This is her being a fairy.

We had fun playing charades for quite a while. Emma started getting cold in her wet pants so we decided to pack things up.

We got out of there right in time. It started to sprinkle again. It never fully rained but we were glad we didn't have to carry everything back to the car in the sprinkles. Since this time was such a success I am thinking we have a few more trips in us before the end of the season. At least I hope we do. I love it up there. 


Jandi said...

Wow! Looks like you had a blast. We always go to Provo Canyon. I guess we will have to try AF. It is a heck of a lot closer! Altho, Winco is on the way to Provo. I am going to have to go get some of those marshmallows now!

Heidi said...

That looks like a total blast. What a good guy Paul is to put on a happy face! :) Your kids are stinkin' cute. What else can I say? And I cannot get over those marshmallows! Holy smokes!