Monday, August 16, 2010

$200 Tomatoes

I mentioned a while ago that my dad built us garden boxes. We spent a couple hundred bucks on the supplies and the dirt. After planting the garden it snowed. My tomatoes weren't happy. It then got too hot for my peas. They shriveled up and died. My beans weren't too happy either. It was pretty dang sad. When I picked these grape tomatoes for a salad I told Paul they were $200 tomatoes since that is all we had gotten out of our fancy new garden area. 

Well things are a changin'

We have more tomatoes than we will probably ever eat. I might actually get to contribute to the share the bounty booth this year. I never thought that would happen. 

There's a lot more where those came from.

We don't have any zucchini this year. I don't know what happened but they never grew. That's okay. There is never a shortage of zucchini around these parts. We do have yellow squash and I love yellow squash. 

We have tons of pumpkins. I planted a lot different kinds so I have no idea what we'll get but I'm still excited.

One precious pepper.

And the most exciting thing....CORN! 

We didn't think we would get any actual corn. We found out that you need several rows to cross-pollinate. We only planted one row. I left the stalks thinking we could use them for Halloween decorations but we actually have corn!!! Isn't it beautiful? 

I love having a garden and can't wait for next year. 


Wingnut said...

Nice! We're about to be overrun with tomatoes. We have both cherry tomatoes and "regular" tomatoes although the regular ones we've gotten so far are from "container" plants so they have been on the small side. It's gone so well this year that we'll like branch out to cucumbers next year :)

rlg said...

I love you $200.00 tomatoes! Beautiful garden. I kind of miss not having all the fresh vegetables this year.