Monday, August 16, 2010

I think we're set!

Today was the final step before the first day of school. We had paid the bill, gotten the shots and dropped off the forms. Today we got up bright and early and went to the school. She got her final schedule, found the locker, practiced the locker combo and walked the school to see where classes were. She is finally getting more excited than nervous. (Thank goodness) I can't believe my baby is going to junior high. Here she is with a 9th grade "PAL" that happens to be from our ward. She took really good care of us, showed Emma where to go and found out her lunch schedule. They gave all the 7th graders a water-bottle and pen. I am so glad that they are sensitive to these little newbies. 

It took her a few times to get used to doing the combination.

Emma has a great locker combo. It's really easy to remember but she kept checking the paper. The loving mom that I am slammed the paper with the combo on it in the locker. She looked at me like "MOM!" but she managed just fine. This was the look of relief (She still looks puffy eyed from waking up early) she had once she opened it and got to get her papers out.

We came home and I did a quick inventory of what we have for back to school clothes. Most of the stuff we got back in June when Aero was having their $5 t-shirt sale with a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon. Yes she is going to be a walking Areopostale' ad but we got some screamin' deals and she loved everything. We stocked up on $9.99 jeans too. I can't believe she bought all junior/women's sizes. Not one thing is from the girl's department this year. 

She wear a double zero. 00. It's great since most people don't wear that size we get them super marked down, but a double zero? That's sick. (I'm just jealous, that's all. If I'm going to be a double digit that's the kind I'd like to be LOL!) She looks so cute in the skinny jeans. Her legs are like little toothpicks. I almost couldn't stop laughing when she tried them on. 

Only one week left...

I don't know who is more excited.

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Wingnut said...

We have 13 days to go here. It's a mixture of excitement and dread to know it's so close! We've done some clothes shopping but still have to get a few supplies. ChaChing!