Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Andrew's Day!

My sweet boy has been so good and patient while we have been focusing on Emma and Junior High.

He sort-of had to take a back seat through the whole process but he never complained. We didn't spend as much time clothes shopping for him. He hasn't really out-grown his clothes like Emma did. Simply put, he didn't need as much. We did get him some super cheap t-shirts here and there. He's so funny. All he wants are mens shirts. Three of these shirts are from men's stores but he loves them and doesn't care if they are too big. 

We got him some shorts at Costco and one pair from the Children's Place.

We got him a couple pairs of shoes too and that's it. 

We didn't get him as many school supplies. He doesn't have eight different classes like she does. He didn't need to go to his school a ton of times but he dragged through the junior high time and time again when Emma did. 

He has been so good and I appreciate it more than he knows. When he asks for something little I've been trying to get it for him. That is why I bought him a Texas Ring yesterday when he said he wanted one. He deserved it. Everyone should have a Texas Ring at least once in their life, right? 

Andrew has my heart. I love that kid so much. I already miss him. He has been getting more and more bored around the house though so I'm glad school is starting. He's got a great teacher, good kids in his class, a wonderful principal, he goes to a school that is close by that I know it inside and out. He's going to be safe and do great. I know it. 

He's a funny little dude. He has his own style, his own opinions and he is so stubborn. There is no changing his mind. Today he wanted to wear a skull shirt, spiked hair (he doesn't want to get it cut so apparently we are growing it out.) two necklaces and flame shoes. He loves the flame shoes.

If that is how he wants to express himself who am I to stand in his way. I didn't argue but I did cringe a little. 

At least he still lets me follow him to school (dad drove since he has a cooler car) and take his picture. Oh and he still hugs me and kisses me, even with me in PJ's and with other kids around. He's awesome. 

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rlg said...

He does look so cool. Hard to believe he too is looking so grown up. Hope enjoys his school year. He is one sweet boy.