Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday the 9th

Class lists were suppose to be posted on August 9th. Maggie was there in the morning and there were no lists. She talked to the secretary who said that they were having technical difficulties. We checked back in the afternoon, still no list. We were leaving that night for our overnighter at my parent's and we really wanted to know before we left.

Finally word got out that the lists were up. (Andrew doesn't know this but Paul drove by and peaked. We knew who Andrew had for a teacher long before he did.) When we got there there was a group huddled around the window. They just stayed and stayed with no regard to the people behind them. I thought I was going to have to start throwing elbows.

 Finally they got out of the way and Andrew saw that he got the teacher he wanted! 

He didn't have everyone he wanted in his class (of course) but he had a few boys that he really enjoys. He was very pleased and so are we.

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