Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet Mia!

I'm suppose to be cleaning and putting dinner in the crock-pot. Guess what? I feel like blogging instead.

Paul's youngest sibling Tom and his wife Katie had their first child in June. Her name is Mia and I am dying to hold her, snuggle her and see her red hair!

Just days after we got home from Chicago Paul left for Phoenix for the baby blessing. (It was July 31st) I really wanted to go but we just couldn't afford it. It was a super quick trip. He was only gone about 36 hours but my mom took the kids and I had a yummy two hour lunch at Kneaders with Maggie and I shopped and shopped. (I've returned most of what I bought but it was fun!)

When Paul got home he had maybe three pictures of Mia and she was crying in all of them. There were more pictures of the stadium that the Cardinals play in than of the baby. Men! Last night we got to go to dinner at Paul's parent's home and I was able to get some of their pictures. I was so happy to see them. Now I can actually blog the event!

Here is Mia. Isn't she cute? I can't wait to meet her. Tom and Katie you need to come to Utah!

The boys of the family.

Here's the proud papa and grandpa.

Proud grandma. Paul said it was pretty hard getting the baby away from the grandmas. I don't doubt it! 

This is what I sent. 

I fell in love with this line of summer things from Children's Place. I hope they can make the sizes work. She was suppose to be a big baby so I took back the 3-6 month stuff and got 6-9 month sizes. BUT she was only in the eight pound range when she was born and Paul said only around 10 pounds while he was there. I panicked when I heard that! These summer dressed might not fit her until November. I hope they can make them work or exchange them for something else.  

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Wingnut said...

She *is* adorable!! And the clothes you picked out are precious!!!